Fulshear trash services adjusted due to trash collector's COVID-19 diagnosis

The city of Fulshear announced Tuesday that it’s trash services provider, WCA Waste Corporation, has notified the city of changes to its trash service which go into effect as of Wednesday. The …

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Legislature rams through amendment making it easier to raise property taxes without adequate notice

This is a sad day in the history of governance in Texas.Saturday night, in less than an hour's time,  both houses of the Texas Legislature overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the property …
How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted the Katy Area real estate market?

I write this on the second day of the federally recommended 15-day social distancing in the Greater Houston Area, including Katy. Many of us are focused on our soon-to-be-bored children staying at …

10 Home projects to do while we wait this thing out

Kids have to make names for themselves

Letter to the editor regarding Harris reelection article

Three restaurants that hit the Katy area in 2019

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