17 KISD schools recognized for achievement in learning

Katy Independent School District is focused on closing the achievement gap and helping all its students reach academic success.  To recognize those efforts, 18 Katy ISD schools now proudly …


Legislature rams through amendment making it easier to raise property taxes without adequate notice

This is a sad day in the history of governance in Texas.Saturday night, in less than an hour's time,  both houses of the Texas Legislature overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the property …
Analysis: Just when you think campaign season is over, Texas pulls you back in

Beto O’Rourke is thinking about challenging Gov. Greg Abbott in the 2022 election. Abbott is already responding, the way candidates do. You’re right to think this is happening early. …

Analysis: At a time like this, who needs another emergency?

Analysis: While his powers are questioned, Texas governor reaches for more

Sports have been hard to watch during the pandemic

Bed, Bath and Beyond My Scope

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