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Teen Talk: What’s weighing on teens’ minds and mental health

(BPT) - It’s not uncommon for teens to experience heightened levels of stress, anxiety and depression during the school year as they contend with known stressors like bullying, peer pressure, …

Hello, Fall Photo Ops

(BPT) - Fall is finally here, and after a long, hot summer we can’t wait for all the fall things: pumpkin carving, leaf peeping, yummy treats, cozy sweaters — family photos! As parents, …

4 strategies to make learning fun for your kids

(BPT) - Supporting your child's early learning opportunities isn't just important for the present. Doing so can plant the seeds for future success. According to the National Institute of Children …

How to maximize baby’s wardrobe to save during the early years

(BPT) - There's no shortage of expenses when you’re bringing a baby into the world. From diapers and gadgets to nurseries and their wardrobes, the cost of welcoming your little one into the …

Set Children Up for Day Care Success: 6 ways parents can prep little ones for child care

(Family Features) Long days of school, first trips to day care or even a return from a period of at-home care can be difficult or downright nerve-wracking for parents and children alike.

Help Kids See Their Way To A Good Education

(NAPSI)—If any of the approximately 74 million schoolchildren in the U.S. is someone you care about, here’s something you may want to look into: According to the National Institutes of Health …

Investing in your well-being: 3 ways to achieve your goals with the help of this app

(BPT) - Many people today are focused on wellness, and there are lots of apps to track it. Since wellness encompasses physical, mental and financial health, wouldn’t you want an app that covers …

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How to help children develop language skills
(BPT) - When it comes to language development in young children, there is no substitute for genuine human interaction. Whether it … Read More
Planning a holiday dinner? Don't let a clogged pipe ruin the night
(BPT) - The fall and winter holidays are known as the cooking holidays when friends and family gather to share a meal and celebrate … Read More
5 Tips to Be an After-School Mealtime Hero
(Family Features) Put your worries aside and become a true after-school hero with these timesaving, delicious meal planning … Read More
6 ways to spark your child's curiosity and passion for science
(BPT) - Kids and teenagers nationwide are starting a new school year, which offers parents a chance to evaluate the ways they can … Read More
Are you a member of the 'sandwich generation'? How to help your aging parents
(BPT) - If you have kids in school plus parents who need more help as they're aging, you may be part of the population called the … Read More
Comparing the prevalence of learning disabilities, from kids to adults
Marker Learning gathered statistics from a report on the National Health Interview Survey on children with learning disability … Read More
How to use technology to stay more connected as a family
(BPT) - As your kids head into their teenage years, it can seem harder to feel connected. Between after-school activities and homework … Read More
Strengthen the Family Connection with Nostalgic Activities: 5 ways to share childhood classics with your kids
(Family Features) Throw it back to your childhood with these family-favorite activities to enjoy at the breakfast table, after … Read More
Preparing for a healthy return to school
(BPT) - As summer draws to a close and fall approaches, the rush of back-to-school preparations for kids begins. Parents may have … Read More

Heat pumps vs. air conditioners: Tips to select the best unit for your home

(BPT) - When deciding on HVAC solutions, choosing between a heat pump or an air conditioner continues to be a hot debate for many homeowners. The truth of the matter is, both options can efficiently …

5 ways to support active duty and retired Sailors, Marines and their families

(BPT) - Military families are incredibly resilient. They face unique challenges compared to their civilian counterparts. Between frequent relocations to deployments and other disruptions to their …

How to make back-to-school preparation less stressful — and more fun

(BPT) - Back-to-school is a busy time of year filled with errands and appointments to make sure parents and kids are ready for the upcoming transition. It can also be somewhat stressful — but …

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Tips for making a positive impact on your Little League community, according to the 2023 Coach of the Year recipients

(BPT) - Just in time for the Little League® World Series, Lance Sandwich Crackers and Positive Coaching Alliance are celebrating coaches who inspire players and give back to their …

Protect yourself and others: Top 5 flammable liquid & fuel container safety tips

(BPT) - Planning a backyard bonfire, or a summer ride on a motorized vehicle? Make sure that you're using the utmost care when starting any type of fire or filling a vehicle with fuel, by keeping …