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Navigating the Heat to Keep Power Bills Cool

(NAPSI)—The heat of summer doesn’t just mean it’s time to drink more water or eat ice cream to keep cool. It also means an increase in air conditioning and energy to cool your home. The U.S. …
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Navigating the Heat to Keep Power Bills Cool

(NAPSI)—The heat of summer doesn’t just mean it’s time to drink more water or eat ice cream to keep cool. It also means an increase in air conditioning and energy to cool your home. The U.S. …
Hints For Homeowners

The EPA Can Help You Save Big On Energy Efficient Upgrades For The Home

(NAPSI)—If you’re like most homeowners, there’s probably a laundry list of major upgrades you’d like to make to improve the efficiency, performance, and functionality of your house. However, …
Hints For Homeowners

Cutting Summer Cooling Costs

(NAPSI)—When monthly utility bills arrive, many Americans are getting hot under the collar.   In fact according to the National Energy Directors Association, this summer’s residential …

How To Update Your Deck For The Perfect Summer Outside

(BPT) - Summer is here, and that means it’s time for a home maintenance refresh. With record-high temperatures hitting across the country, it’s important to pay attention to your …

Throw a Party Like a Pro

(Family Features) Before gathering your crew for your next event, make a plan to ensure you get to enjoy the day as fully as your guests.

7 ways to ensure your structure stands up to the elements

(BPT) - Did you know that last year alone, the U.S. saw 28 weather-related disasters exceeding $1 billion in damages, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration? While no one …

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The future of home water heating: How heat pump technology is changing the game

(BPT) - The Department of Energy (DOE) recently released higher energy-efficiency standards for water heaters that will go into effect in 2029. Focusing on decarbonization, the new standards …

Update your window coverings to increase your safety, style and savings

(BPT) - It's time to welcome the freshness of the warmer months into our homes and embrace the new season. For many of us, this time of year is a chance to renew and re-organize. Spring and summer …
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Residential Refresh: Personalized touches for your home

(Family Features) Your home is an expression of you, your personality and your lifestyle. When it comes to personalizing your home's aesthetic, try leaning into your senses to inspire change within your space.

High-ROI Spring Home Projects

(Family Features) Whether you're looking to add value for potential sale or simply create a more comfortable living space, you can make the most of the season and breathe new life into your home with projects like these.
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5 Home Updates to Provide Peace of Mind for Your Family

(Family Features) Home improvement projects often focus on updating the aesthetic of your house, but upgrades that make your living space more secure and comfortable are sometimes even more important.

From Kitchen to Curb: Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

(BPT) - Following historical trends, spring and summer months represent an active time of year for the housing market. For sellers in 2023, homes listed in the first two weeks of June sold for 2.3% …

3 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality This Spring

(BPT) - As temperatures rise and flowers begin to bloom, it's more important than ever to make your home a sanctuary — safe from pollen and other allergens. This spring, upgrading your home air …

Smart isn’t just for technology — welcome to the smart communities of tomorrow

(BPT) - In the ever-changing landscape of urban and suburban living, mixed-use developments have emerged as an example of smart communities. Blending convenience, sustainability, and a vibrant social …

Moving Resources For Military Families

(NAPSI)—Military families and veterans know that relocating loved ones when PCS orders arrive can be stressful—but there are steps you can take to make things easier.   Keeping Military …

5 Easy, Space-Saving Room Ideas
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Bring balance and imperfection to the kitchen through Japandi style
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Elevate your outdoor retreat with 4 innovative hardscaping designs
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7 tips for electrical safety in and around your home
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Building an ADU? Save space and energy by going tankless
(BPT) - Over the past few years, more and more American families have opted for multigenerational living arrangements. A survey by … Read More