Katy ISD, Royal student athletes honored by THSCA

By Tyler Tyre, Sports Editor
Posted 6/16/22

Katy ISD had more than 140 students named to the Academic All-State Team, with Katy leading the way with the most all-state athletes in the school district, with 32. Cinco Ranch and Seven Lakes both had 27 named to the teams.

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Katy ISD, Royal student athletes honored by THSCA


The Teas High School Coaches Association released its academic-all state teams, honoring seniors that held a grade average of 92 or above for the spring semester.

Katy ISD had more than 140 students named to the Academic All-State Team, with Katy leading the way with the most all-state athletes in the school district, with 32. Cinco Ranch and Seven Lakes both had 27 named to the teams.

Following are the full Katy ISD and Royal ISD Academic All-State selections for spring sports


Boys Soccer

Andrew Alexander, 2nd Team

Jeronimo Diaz, Honorable Mention

Arturo Diaz, 1st team

Girls Soccer

Angelina Hamberlin, 1st team

April Cano 1st team

Isabella Aviles, 1st team

Kate Raynal, 1st team

Rebecca Partyka, 2nd team

Valentina Cadavid, 2nd team

Juliana Lightsey, Elite

Ashley Albornoz, Honorable Mention

Jay Fulinwider, Honorable Mention


Davis Warms, 1st team

Courtney White, 1st team

Isabella Bossart, 2nd team

Daniel Garza, Honorable Mention

Maria Lopez, Honorable Mention

Ashtyn King, Honorable Mention


 Brayden Powers, 2nd team

Jake Halibison, 2nd team

Ryan George, 2nd team,

Garrett Thompson, Elite

William Doolittle, Elite

Judson Ceyanes, Honorable Mention

Boys Track & Field

Joshua Honycross, Honorable Mention

Benjamin Aagard, 1st team

Julian Fraga, 2nd team


Ethan Ablack, 1st team

Joseph Hroch, Honorable Mention

Sam Skidmore, Honorable Mention

Aden Watson, Honorable Mention

Cinco Ranch


Tejas Sachdeva, 2nd team

Emma Donaldson, 2nd team

Aaryan Sagar, Elite

Connor Oberg, Elite

Kayla Wan, Elite, Anshu Lakshman, Elite

Anshu Lakshman, Elite, Ishaan Gupta, Honorable Mention

Ishaan Gupta, Honorable Mention

Joseph Moody, Honorable Mention

Jiawei Zhang, Honorable Mention

Janette Phan, Honorable Mention

Camila Meza Ellerbrock, Honorable Mention

Anabelen Pons, Honorable Mention

Cydney Rice, Honorable Mention

Girls Track & Field

Anika Mueller-Hickler, 2nd team

Alison Mueller-Hickler, 2nd team

Isabel Ebben, Elite

Claire Pelton, Honorable Mention

Natalia Corser, Honorable Mention


Holden Kittelberger, 1st team

Abby Stegeman, Honorable Mention

Jake Remlinger, Honorable Mention

Mayde Creek


Timothy Park 1st team

Ashley Chuks-Nwosu, 1st team

Frida Fanini, 1st team

Cindy Ventura, 1st team

Carlos Asencio, 1st team

Rohan Patel, Elite

Dreylon Nguyen, Elite

Grace Lee, Elite

Girls Track & Field

Simone Ballard, 1st team

Morton Ranch


Simon Massi, Honorable Mention



Michael Liu, 1st team


Josh Prieto, Honorable Mention

Jakob Scott, Honorable Mention

Samuel Anguiano, Honorable Mention


Alex Balkcom, Honorable Mention


Samantha Guillory, 1st team

Aubrey Bailey, 2nd team

Jacie Brown, 2nd team

Sade Guerra, 2nd team

Peyton Luna, Honorable Mention

Sofia Lopez, Honorable Mention

Alexis Rodriguez, Honorable Mention

Mia Galarza, Honorable Mention

Shy’Lynn Brown, Honorable Mention

Seven Lakes


Victor Gutierrez, 1st team

Won Lee, 2nd team

Kyle Perkins, 2nd team

Cameron Milne, Honorable Mention

Kyle Kerstann, Honorable Mention

Cason Brinson, Honorable Mention

Boys Track & Field

Alex Gonzalez, 2nd team

Aryan Patra, 1st team

Bogdan Pazin, Honorable Mention

Chidiebere Okoko, Honorable Mention

Connor McDaniel, Honorable Mention

Joshua Phillips, Honorable Mention

Matthew Rueff, Honorable Mention

Nicolas Romero, 2nd team

Ruben Rojas Betanzos, 1st team

Sebastian Lira, Elite

Seth Roberts, Honorable Mention

Vansh Tandon, 1st team

Girls Track & Field

Leia Bowden, 1st team

Avary Catchings, 2nd team

Lauren Schmitt, Hnorable Mention

Summer Halphen, Honorable Mention


Rebecka Rabe, 2nd team

Makinzie Stutts, 2nd team


Boys Soccer

Luke Skelton, 2nd team

John Park, 2nd team

Aidan Bousleiman, 2nd team

Alex Bowman, Honorable Mention


Jonathan Lin, 1st team

Jason Lee, 1st team

Hana El-Toukhy, 1st team

Gabriel Gil-Araque, 2nd team

Sarah Semmel, 2nd team

Abigail Diermeier, 2nd team

William Soper, Honorable Mention


Jared Schaeffer, 2nd team

Boys Track & Field

Ethan Becker, 2nd tam

Griffin Nguyen, 1st team

John Linton, 2nd team

Kevin Jimenez, Honorable Mention

Luke Skelton, 1st team

Maksim Aliabev, Honorable Mention

Girls Track & Field

Devon Carrillo, Honorable Mention



Joshua Giluso, Honorable Mention

Boys Track & Field

Andres Barrios, Elite

Blake Harris, Honorable Mention

Colton Howard, Honorable Mention

Diego Castillo, 2nd team

Lewis Perkins, 1st team

Matthew Kumar, 2nd team

Mitchell Wiemuth, Honorable Mention

Quentin Ong, 2nd team

Samuel Kalu, 2nd team

Soorya Nitianandaradj, 1st team


Madison Besselman, Honorable Mention



Yazmin Alvarado Alvarez, 1st team

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