Katy ISD released official enrollment numbers for its high schools to the University Interscholastic League on Tuesday, the first sign that the 2020-2022 realignment for the state’s governing body of athletics is looming.

When the next school year starts, for 2020-2021, Katy ISD will have nine high schools. Jordan High School opens in August 2020.

The UIL uses enrollment numbers to form conferences and districts for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 school years during its biennial realignment, which will be held on February 3, 2020.

The conference cutoff numbers announced by the UIL at the last realignment in February 2018 were as follows:

Class 6A: 2,190 and above.

5A Division I: 1,840-2,189

5A Division II: 1,150-1,839

The UIL intends to release its conference cutoff numbers for the 2020-2022 realignment on Dec. 6.

Here are the official enrollment numbers released by Katy ISD on Tuesday morning:

1. Tompkins: 4,018

2. Seven Lakes: 3,767

3. Katy: 3,466.5

4. Cinco Ranch: 3,257

5. Taylor: 2,915

6. Mayde Creek: 2,892.5

7. Morton Ranch: 2,567.5

8. Paetow: 2,179

9. Jordan: 1,586.69

From the last time the district released enrollment numbers, in November 2017, Tompkins’ enrollment has grown the most, from 3,380 to 4,018. Tompkins was the third-biggest school in Katy ISD then. It is now the biggest.

Seven Lakes has grown, from 3,527 to 3,767, as well as Cinco Ranch, from 3,161 to 3,257.

Mayde Creek also saw a rise in enrollment, from 2,759 to 2,892.5, as well as Paetow, from 1,452 to 2,179. Morton Ranch suffered the biggest drop, from 3,135 to 2,567.

Seven of Katy ISD’s eight present high schools compete in Class 6A athletics and in the same district; Paetow has competed in Class 5A, Division II, the last two years, being a new school. However, with the next realignment, Paetow could end up in Class 6A, depending on where the UIL draws its conference cutoffs in December. Paetow could go either way, back to Class 5A, though in Division I this time, or to 6A.

Paetow head football coach/athletic coordinator B.J. Gotte said he has been told by district officials that he will be permitted to stay in Class 5A should the number fall in line with that cutoff, and even if the number is close enough to where the district could reasonably petition for the school to move up.

Jordan High, which will relieve overcrowding at Tompkins and Seven Lakes high schools, looks likely to fall in line with Class 5A-Division II projections, similar to how Paetow fell when it opened in August 2017.