The University Interscholastic League, Texas’ governing body for high school athletics, released conference cutoff numbers and preliminary enrollment figures on Tuesday, Dec. 3, for the 2020-2022 realignment that takes place in February.

No surprises loom for Katy ISD.

The conference cutoff numbers provide the range of enrollment for each of the UIL’s six conferences, including divisional cutoffs for football.

The cutoffs are as follows:

Class 6A (249 schools): 2,220 and above

Class 5A (254 schools): 1,210-2,219

Class 4A (202 schools): 515-1,209

Class 3A (236 schools): 230-514

Class 2A (200 schools): 105-229

Class 1A (220 schools): 104.9 and below

Divisional numbers for football:

Class 5A Division I: 1,900-2,219

Class 5A Division II: 1,210-1,899

Class 4A Division I: 865-1,209

Class 4A Division II: 515-864

Class 3A Division I: 350-514

Class 3A Division II: 230-349

Class 2A Division I: 165.5-229

Class 2A Division II: 105-165.4

Class 1A Division I: 59.5-104.9

Class 1A Division II: 59.4 and below

Based on the numbers, seven of nine Katy ISD high schools will remain in Class 6A: Cinco Ranch, Katy, Mayde Creek, Morton Ranch, Seven Lakes, Taylor and Tompkins.

Paetow remains in Class 5A, but moves up to Division I in football due to substantial increase in enrollment. Paetow’s enrollment is 2,179, opposed to the 1,452 number summited two years ago at the last reclassification period.

Jordan High School, Katy ISD’s ninth high school that opens in August, falls into Class 5A. Jordan submitted an initial enrollment number of 1,586.69 in late October.

Because Jordan High is opening on an even year (2020) and beginning with ninth and 10th grades, Jordan’s individual sports will go varsity right away but team sports will wait until the fall of 2021, when the school has ninth, 10th and 11th graders. The only sport that is not able to be placed in realignment on the “middle” year, or halfway between the two-year realignment, is football.

Football for Jordan High won’t be realigned by the UIL until 2022, which will be Jordan’s first varsity football season. Until then, Katy ISD athletic director Debbie Decker said, the district will try to mix and match schedules for Jordan to play football, just not under the UIL umbrella.

Katy ISD’s three previous schools—Paetow, Tompkins and Seven Lakes—all opened on odd years.

The enrollment numbers submitted by Katy ISD in October are as follows:

1) Tompkins: 4,018

2) Seven Lakes: 3,767

3) Katy: 3,466.5

4) Cinco Ranch: 3,257

5) Taylor: 2,915

6) Mayde Creek: 2,892.5

7) Morton Ranch: 2,567.5

8) Paetow: 2,179

9) Jordan: 1,586.69

The 2020-2022 realignment will be released Feb. 3 for football, volleyball and basketball. Alignments for other sports will be released in order of their seasons, per the UIL.