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Trustees approve 5% pay raise for teachers and hourly personnel

Katy school trustees approved a 5% pay increase for teachers and hourly personnel, with all other personnel receiving 3% increases.

With hurricane season approaching, here’s the truck you hope never to see

This year marks the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas in August 2017. Hurricane season officially begins June 1, and officials are encouraging residents to begin their preparations.

No, it's not COVID

For the past few weeks, I’ve been engaged in a WWE cage match against allergies. No, it’s not COVID. I promise, it’s not COVID. Really, even when I blow my nose so loudly that it triggers nearby home and car alarm systems, it’s still not COVID.

Is this what Memorial Day means to you?

Fatherly inspiration key to learning the art of grace

Care for some stolen random thoughts?

Eat your just desserts

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