Chris Harris is mayor pro tem for the city of Katy and holds the at-large council seat. He was elected in 2018. 

The City of Katy flood and infrastructure improvements, public safety and parks and tourism projects continue apace and lead the way in the region.  Flood mitigation projects, funded by the voter approved 2018 bond, in the Pine Forest subdivision are being completed. Expanding the city’s Regional Detention at Morton Road will be commencing soon.  Drainage improvement projects at First Street and routine ditch restoration work throughout the city are in-progress, along with completion of the Townpark Detention Pond and increasing the drainage requirements for new developments.  Anticipated projects from the 2018 bond include modern drainage improvements to the Riceland Terrace subdivision.  Working with other area entities, major projects funded by the Cane Island Municipal Utility District to address flood mitigation work along the Cane Island Branch of the Buffalo Bayou are ongoing.

Public safety is one of the most important roles of local government, and years of investments and hard work by many leaders have led to the Katy Fire Department being awarded an ISO 1 Rating.  This rating indicates Katy’s municipal fire department is one-of-the best based on training, response time and equipment.  The Katy Police Department (KPD) has given added resources to hire additional officers.  Also, recently the Texas State Legislature authorized KPD to enforce overweight and illegal 18-wheeler and commercial truck violations within city limits.  These overweight vehicles that travel through the city  are dangerous to other motorist and cause added wear-and-tear to streets.

The long-standing Katy Rice Festival weekend was held in October.  This was the second consecutive year of the festival taking place as a City of Katy event, and the children’s rides and vendor expansion was wonderful.  All the volunteers, city staff, contributors, vendors and visitors to Katy - along with the beautiful weather - made this year’s Katy Rice Festival fun and special. 

Downtown revitalization work continues. The downtown square is being transformed into a community gathering focal point.  The project includes a greenspace, an outdoor museum, new civic center and visitor center.  Recently an Old Katy Downtown District (OKD) was established encompassing the historic downtown area to provide architectural standards to emphasize the legacy and charm of downtown.  Our downtown businesses are vital to historic Katy’s small-town feel and supporting downtown is a paramount aim.

Franz Road will soon be expanded from the former Old Bartlett Road to Cane Island Parkway, and greenspace improvements will be finished.  Also the municipal water tower on Franz Road at Magnolia Cemetery renovation is being completed and a mural design similar to the award-winning ones near the mall and KPD will be added.  Other citywide infrastructure improvements include: side-walk additions, water pipe project upgrades, street maintenance rehabs and other public works improvements.

Past leadership providing strong investment in commercial growth and continued support of business allows the city to provide the necessary budget for the needs of citizens.  Increases in the local tax base provided for increases in police, fire and public safety along with public works, streets and parks and a cost-of-living raise for city employees.  The recently-passed 2019-2020 budget included a city property tax decrease, and continued the senior citizen property tax exemption up to $100,000.  Living in the City of Katy, the best place to be, provides all, small-town charm at the same time access to any amenity nearby.  Live-Work-Play-Katy.