Allan Malonson Sr

Allan Malonson Sr, born July 25, 1958 in Falmouth, Massachusetts, died after a brief battle with cancer on March 10, 2019 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Allan and Terri were married on April 14th, 1977 in TX and they had been fully devoted to the marriage and each other for nearly 42 years. 

Allan is survived by; the love of his life, his wife, Teresa Romer Malonson; his son, Brian Malonson and his wife Tracey Tims Malonson of Tulsa, OK; his son, Allan Malonson Jr. (AJ) and his wife Natasha Boden Malonson of Jacksonville, FL; his daughter and “Ooopie” Misty Malonson Babcock and her husband Cory Babcock of Oklahoma City, OK; his sister, Cheryl Malonson Gamboa and her husband Robert of Portland OR; his sister Susan Malonson Provonche and her husband Ronnie of Wichita Falls, TX; his sister, Michelle Malonson Newton of Baton Rouge, LA.; his aunt and uncle, Eileen and Ken Peterson of Connecticut. He is also survived by 8 nieces and nephews that he stayed close to and too many great nieces and nephews to count. As well as many other friends and family members.

Allan deeply loved all of his kids but that did not compare to how much he loved getting to spoil their kids. “Big Guy and Grandpa” is survived; by 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, Devon, Sarrina, Taylor, Lilly, Emmalee, Ally, Hailee, Mikey, Bryce, Summerlee, Jaxen, Abigail and Gracie.

Allan was preceded in death by; his father, Donald Malonson of Portland OR.; his mother, Alice Malonson of Portland OR.; his brother, Donnie Malonson of Las Vegas, NV.; his brother, Kevin Malonson of Las Vegas, NV.

Allan was a man who kept to himself and did not say much. Unless you knew him then you could not shut the guy up! He would always have something to say about…”IT” and whatever “IT” was he’d just keep on talking. At some point throughout life you begin to realize that what Allan was offering you was, how to be a man, how to be a better person or how to take care of your family. Even though Allan was a crazy guy, crazy he was not. One of the great and biggest hearts to have ever lived. 

Allan you will be forever missed by so many people that you have touched and that have been impacted by your words; by you simply being you.

– We love you Dad!