Abandoned hospital gets new life as assisted living facility

This rendering shows the design for Vibrant Senior Living.


The abandoned hospital near the intersection of Kingsland Boulevard and Pin Oak Road will be getting a second life as an assisted living facility.

Located at 25600 Kingsland Boulevard, the hospital was originally built as a Memorial Hermann facility. 

The building changed hands over the years before it was finally purchased by Apex Katy Physicians, LLC. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and the building has sat vacant ever since.

The building, now defunct and overgrown with weeds, has been a source of frustration for Katy residents who believe it detracts from the beauty of the city.

“It’s been called an ‘eyesore’ by a lot of residents,” said City Council Member Chris Harris.

The abandoned facility has recently been sold, however, and will now be completely renovated and used as an assisted living facility.

Jeffrey Reich-Hale, Marketing Director of Magnificent Development & Construction, LLC, stated that the new facility will be named “Vibrant Senior Living”, and it will be a state-of-the-art senior living facility.

Magnificent Development & Construction handles all aspects of the renovation project and will also serve as the management company once the facility opens.

Reich-Hale cited both an expanding need for senior living facilities and the convenience of the location as the primary reasons the site was chosen.

“There are eight assisted living facilities in the city of Katy with an average occupancy of over 85 percent,” said Reich-Hale. “When I visited a lot of the communities, half the time I heard they had a waitlist to get into the communities.”

With convenient access to hospitals like Methodist and Memorial Hermann, retail shopping at Katy Mills Mall and the upcoming Boardwalk, Reich-Hale believes the area will be perfect for seniors that wish to remain active.

“We want to be in an area that’s convenient to amenities that will keep the seniors active,” he said.

Magnificent Development & Construction has not publically released the renderings of the building, but Reich-Hale gave the images to Katy Times for publication.

He also gave a detailed description of the project.

There will be 94 assisted living units. Forty-eight of the units will be studio apartments. Forty-four will be one-bedroom units and two will be two-bedroom units.

Vibrant Senior Living will have amenities including a dining hall, medication services, laundry services, beauty salon, massage center, library, chapel, fitness center, snack shop and family theater.

And perhaps most appealing to the citizens of Katy, the building will be completely redesigned and feature an outdoor garden.

“My favorite part, because I'm all about being green and bringing more greenery to anywhere I go- we're going to have an outdoor garden,” said Reich-Hale. “The change is going to be so amazing that no one is even going to remember what it looked like before.”

According to Harris, the project was approved by the City of Katy Planning & Zoning Commission but has not yet gone before city council for final approval.

Harris stated that he already supports the project even though it has not yet come to a vote. “I think it's going to be great,” said Harris. “(The building) was already a hospital, and it will be a nice facility. Once the facade is done and it's been rehabbed, it's going to be a nice building.”

Harris added that part of the approval of the permit was contingent upon a one-year expiration date for the project.

“The city is expecting (the building) to be rehabbed within a year, otherwise the permits expire,” Harris explained. “The city doesn't want to get the permits and then have (the building) just be sitting there for even longer. We want them to be rehabbing that building and getting it in a condition for use, because right now it's an eyesore.”

Reich-Hall stated that construction on the project is predicted to start in the fall of 2020, but until all the plans are finalized, the company cannot make an official statement.

He added that Vibrant Senior Living will also have a strong focus on community involvement and philanthropy once it’s open.

“Our goal is not just to create a great center for the people who live there but also to give back to the community who has been so welcoming to us,” he said.