Lone Candidate

Lance Redmon

Lance Redmon has a clear path to the Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees as the sole candidate for Position 2.

“Katy ISD was a huge blessing with me,” Redmon said. “The opportunities they gave me from the academic side, it prepared me to go on to Rice University here in Houston. It was a very rigorous undergrad program, and I felt like I was well prepared for that. Athletically, through football, it actually paid for the majority of my college.”

He’s seeing the same benefits for his three sons, who all attend Katy ISD schools.

Rebecca Fox currently serves in Position 2, but she switched her candidacy to Position 1 after Redmon filed his application for candidacy. Redmon had been considering running for months, and when he made the final decision, Duke Keller and Sean Dolan had already signed up to run in Position 1 and Redmon didn’t want to create a three-way race, though that is what occurred when Fox moved her candidacy to Position 1. Redmon has endorsed Keller in the race, though Redmon said he knew Keller only through acquaintances.

Redmon still plans to attend candidate events for the rest of the campaign because he doesn’t know if he’ll have another opportunity to connect with residents of the community in the same way.

He is a graduate of Katy High School, his wife teaches for the district and he began volunteering with the district five years ago by helping with its education foundation. He soon joined the foundation’s board and was a part of the 2017-2018 Leadership Katy ISD class.

“I had the opportunity to see the district on a whole nother level,” Redmon said. “And then, this past year, I just saw the disconnect between the community and what was going on, and I feel like there’s a lot of great things going on in our school district, and I felt like I had the skillset and time commitment to put my name out there and hopefully have a chance to serve.”

About five years ago, Redmon left a full-time career in ministry and ran a senior living organization. Now, Redmon runs a construction materials company and believes he’ll bring a unique viewpoint to the board.

Katy ISD has grown quickly and continues to build new facilities, and Redmon said he can provide insight into the cost of construction and why it may vary across projects. Additionally, he said he’s been in charge of opening buildings, budgets and hiring staff. He’s been involved in human resources decisions and contracts.

The school district, Redmon said, is what draws most families to Katy.

“Most people claim Katy, and a lot of the times that is because of the school district,” Redmon said. “My family chose to remain in Katy. If it weren't’ for the school district, it would make a lot more financial sense to move somewhere that maybe doesn’t have as high a tax rate.”

Ultimately, Redmon said, hed like to bring unity back to the school board after recent months of controversy.

“Everybody started serving on the school board for the right reason,” Redmon said. “That common purpose, it can work wonders to unify people.”