Katy Boardwalk 3D model revealed

Developers of the highly-anticipated Katy Boardwalk District project have debuted a 3D model of the development.

Sueba USA Corporation, the primary developer for the Boardwalk, has placed the model in the lobby of City Hall for general viewing.

The model shows the most complete and up-to-date concept plan for the development, including the strategic planning around Katy’s first full service hotel.

Bernard Kaplan, Public Relations Manager for Sueba USA Corporation explained that while there are many hotels in Katy, none offer a conference center and ballroom. 

“The hotel properties in the area are known as ‘select-service’ in that they don't offer the kinds of things you need like a conference center to host a large scale social event,” he said.

Rather than compete with other area hotels, Kaplan maintained, the full-service hotel will improve commerce for every hotel in the area. “A large full-service hotel really lifts all ships,” said Kaplan, “because now you can have energy conferences coming in. You have the space, and their guests spill over to the other hotels.” 

Ray Gabriele, Vice President of Real Estate Development for Sueba USA Corporation  was on-hand at City Hall on June 7 to explain the model for the development in detail.

According to Gabriele, the Boardwalk planning began three years ago with the full-service hotel as the anchor for the development.

Explaining the model, Gabriele said that the whole development spans roughly 60 acres. Twenty-five of those acres will be used for four single-family developments of houses and townhomes.

Another 11 acres in the middle of the model will be mixed-use retail.

“That's kind of a combination of mostly dining and entertainment and small office space,” Gabriele said. “The hotel and conference center located on the south side of the project is kind of the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the project.”

Gabriele echoed Kaplan’s assessment that the Boardwalk will boost the economy for all of Katy.

“I think it's going to be a bit of a game changer.  Focus really has been on the hotel conference center at the heart of this project. The idea is to create something authentic to Katy that can attract people, not just from the neighborhood, but from outside,” said Gabriele. “We're trying to create a destination.”

Gabriele said that the developers plan to break ground on the hotel at the end of this year and anticipate a 2021 opening.

The mixed-use retail space is expected to break ground next year.