Shoppers browse the monthly Katy Market Day event on Nov. 16 in Old Town Katy. The event is known for its crafts and lack of marketing vendors. 

Betsy Proctor, owner of The Limited Edition Art & Antiques and founder of Katy Market Day, said the monthly market which she started in the 1990s is still going strong after more than 20 years. The monthly event which was most recently held Nov. 16 is a huge financial boost to the antique shops and boutiques in Old Town Katy, she said.

“It brings us in a lot of business,” Proctor said. “It’s just good promotion for the businesses in downtown.”

At KT Antiques, Sadia Ayala, Jessie Ward and Donna Washburn voiced their appreciation for Market Day which they said brings new customers to the antique shop each month. New customers come in from as far away as Conroe, Ayala said.

Proctor said the event drew about 500-700 people, which is about average most months.

More families tend to come to the store during Katy Market Day events, Washburn said. Those shoppers also come back after that first visit, she said.

It also helps improve Old Town Katy’s reputation, merchants said. The Katy Market Day event is somewhat unique in that it is located in a hometown historic district, Proctor said. Katy Market Day also only allows vendors that sell actual products, rather than marketing vendors such as chiropractors and realtors, which makes it so shoppers aren’t hassled, she said.

“[Katy Market Day] promotes by word of mouth,” Ward said.

Melissa Gorman, a shopper who had travelled up from Sugar Land, said she enjoyed the market.

“We just kind of accidentally found it. We thought the one at the Merrell Center was today but it wasn’t, so we looked for what else was around [and found this event online],” Gorman said.

The event wasn’t too crowded and was a nice event to visit, Gorman said.

Katy Market Day also cohosts the Katy Old Fashioned Christmas with No Label Brewery. The annual Christmas celebration will be held Dec. 7 in downtown Katy behind City Hall. The free event, which includes a craft fair, holiday shopping, children’s events and 50,000 pounds of artificial snow is celebrating its tenth year in 2019.